Special Services

Printing | Publications | Corporate Identity | Marketing Material | Web Design | Embroidery

Construction of web pages with original creative design and the latest Internet techniques worldwide: Html, DHtml, Java, JavaScript, CGI, SSI, mSQL, PGP, PHP, HtmlScript.

Each Internet site design complies with principle guidelines:
  • Creative Design for each site
  • Speed: quick access of visitors to the web pages
  • Utility: creation of special sections, operations, choice buttons that make the "surfing" easier and friendlier for the user
  • Interactive: two- way communication channel via e-mail, sms, etc.
The Internet site production includes the collection and processing of informative ad audiovisual material (scanning, image and sound digitizing, video, zip). As well as the creation of graphics (original, moving ones), logo designs, Style sheet production.

Additionally, it includes studying, programming and creating special sections such as databases, forms, competitions, games, case studies, Java applets, Flash. Special techniques of Real Video, Real Audio, special applications such as οn line connections.