Special Services

e-milles creations is a Greek company, founded at 1997, aiming to provide with Responsibility, Consistency and Professionalism, Integrated Telematic Services, Information Technology, Security, Design and Telecommunications.

Today, after almost 12 years, it continues being at the top, being strong and competitive company, able to cope optimally to the requirements of the modern business environment.

The philosophy behind the company is not so complicated: Speed, Innovation, Efficiency, Human Approach and above all Creativity are the elements that characterize our work.

Constant research on the Internet, its techniques, its latest developments and its future potentials, allow the company to offer services that distinguish for their quality and continuous upgrading:

- Specialization
- Know-how
- Creativity
- Experience
- Cooperation
- Continuous Support and Development
- Direct Service

Having developed a modern organizational structure, the company has created Business Units with the aim to cover all customers needs, with solutions and related products:

• Services Planning and Construction Electrical Installations
• Services Planning and Construction Services Structured Cabling
• Service Construction for Personal Computer
• Electronic Equipment Sales
• Electronic Equipment Repair Services
• Support Services
• On-line Services
• Telematic Applications Development Services
• Development Services for Intranet, Internet and Multimedia Applications
• Domain Name Registration Services
• Hosting Services
• Security Products and Services
• Telecommunications Products and Services
• Design for Corporate Advertising Services
• Corporate Identity Design Services
• Identification Services Product Design and Packaging
• Print Services for Magazines
• Industrial Product Design Services
• Photos Capturing and Processing
• Videos Capturing and Processing
• Offset Printing Services
• Digital Printing Services
• Design and Printing Services for Serigraphy
• Design and Production Services for Embroideries
• Training Services

Eventually, just think what you need.
After contact us.

Best Regards,

Emilio Kyriakakis