Special Services

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The activities of e-milles creations on the Internet relating Consulting Services, Domain Names Field, Design and Create Website, Web Advertising and Hosting.The technology used in our services include the most advanced techniques.With continued research on the Internet, the techniques of the latest developments and future prospects of the instrument and having knowledge of the technology of the internet, creating comprehensive and workable proposals.

Building online presentations, simple or dynamic. The knowledge and experience of our executives, ensure the creation of functional and user-friendly sites that fully meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Innovation, flexibility, speed, quality, consistency and efficiency, are some of the words that characterize our company.

e-milles creations after examining the needs of each individual customer, has the best people to create your web site by a group of talented designers, experts in marketing and web developers.

Opens a modern way of communicating with customers, aiming to Original creative design and web design with the most advanced techniques: Html, DHtml, Java, JavaScript, CGI, SSI, mSQL, PGP,PHP, Ajax.